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About Our Palo Alto SEO Company:

We are A. Blum Localization Services founded in 2016. Our Palo Alto SEO Company is located a few blocks East of Stanford, in the epicenter of Silicon Valley. We provide online Search Engine Optimization training worldwide and SEO services for clients.

Our aim is to provide visibility with MULTIPLE top ten results. Often we combine SEO services and training to allow a client to get results fast and the training for the long term self-management of their SEO.

Ardan Michael Blum (founder and CEO) specializes in Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization since over two decades. Ardan Michael brings an experience providing clients with a personal, attentive over-watch to projects achieved with an expertise in Internet Marketing industry standards.

This expertise ranges from theoretical, down to earth, proactive security checking (with countless audits) to managing brand image and driving traffic to key pages with years of love of for the challenges of SEO.

Working within walking distance to Facebook, and 15 minutes by car to Google’s headquarters means you meet people from all places on earth who have one thing in common - a drive to attain success, and a grade of expertise that is unmatched in any other place on earth.

This “Geek vibe" and level of striving for excellence is present across the Bay Area and, prior to Covid, was the driving force of San Francisco. The bar is set at the highest possible level with startups gaining traction at staggering speeds.

Startups in Silicon Valley become either success stories or are stopped, to be replaced with new ambitions. The drive does not fade when it rains in Silicon Valley. People adapt. In fact, not succeeding in one project is not, as it is often in some towns, a mark of lasting personal failure.

When you run an SEO company in Palo Alto, your motivation to be the best comes from being a devoted geek in an area where every aspect of web expansion and digital marketing is being created, and being exported.

Explaining Search Engine Optimization

60% of your ranking success will come from your becoming an authority on the topic or theme you wish to rank well for.

The key is content expansion, and this does not require SEO expert services. The secret is to keep re-working your content for authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

You have the challenge to be writing both for a search engine and humans that by the placement of your content will notice your site and can greatly increase traffic if you have properly thought-out your keyword phrase and text. Note: Depending on geographical locations, the choice of terms searched for may differ. This is always interesting to examine in detail via Google Trends (this is a great place to start the essential process of understanding objectively what is being searched for in your target area).

Along with the title and description meta tags, the other essential aspect of on-page SEO will be the proper use of header tags. This implies one time an H1 (focus of the page / keyword phrase) and several H2 (second headings) and under each some H3 - H6 tags. You should NOT jump from an H3 to an H5. This adds clarity to a search engine and to users.

To aid users to get quickly to a given part of the page, combine the H2 tags with an "jump-to-that-place" anchor tag. This will allow you to cross-link to parts of your pages with the hash tag after the page name to a specific place. Example #seo-training takes you to a dedicated part of this page.

To learn to optimize a webpage involves knowing many other rules. Here are a few, without any particular order, of these topics - of which some are technical and others are quite simple:

Learn to choose the right keywords:

You will find a great deal of help in this area by spending time (before going to advanced search tools) seeing how your competition has managed (or in many cases, is not correctly handling) their SEO.

Then ask a selected group of friends to define the terms which connect them to your brand.

Finally turn to the professional tools. Once ready you should aim for TWO and never more than the main keywords / keyword phrases within a given page. This implies that the page URL (page name) as well as the meta tags, and the header tags include these words.

Everything has to flow naturally and not looked focused purely to get in edge-wise a term.

Decide if you want to use a dedicated IP, HTTPS, and a CDN:

Here we are getting technical. The idea is to not associate your website with poor quality sites in a similar IP range. Also, the use of of CDN can speed up the delivery of your content (which can help in your mobile site distribution and is a ranking factor for Google). [There is a Quora page about "What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using a CDN for your website?" that is worth reading]. Using a Content Management Network can be costly, and if your page has limited use of scripts and a few images (sized correctly), you may not need such a dedicated, secured, cached system. Before closing here, there is something to think about before you end up with a 80 dollar a month website bill: A lot of good hosting firms offer "add as you" go options. So start off with simple hosting and an SSL certificate and make it clear to Google what your canonical URL is (either or via their Google Search Console. Then sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools and their new Clarity project (which, among many functions, allows you to see the depth of scrolling on a page and a heatmap of clicks).

How does International vs Local SEO impact on your brand?

Let us take A. Blum Localization Services as an example to explain the fine tuning between ranking organically for "Search Engine Optimization Company" (as a worldwide in English search) or having users in the Bay Area, Northern California, or simply across the state of California find you.

In our case, the "brand power" of being in Palo Alto is actually impressive to some people, as it is to us on a daily basis - loving the idea that we work in the epicenter of Silicon Valley. This branding use of a location can serve hence for both local and international SEO.

The key is to know when NOT to use certain focus terms and to understand that if, per example your local market expansion is going towards, say Switzerland, that you have a properly made site with alternative versions of your content in subdomains which will be best indexed on for users in Swiss Italy, Swiss Germany and the Western French speaking part of the country. So too the links pointing to your regional content may need to be originating from quality local resources (newspaper articles, local social media, and a dedicated YouTube channel in the local language, to name a few ideas). Be aware that there are specific meta tags which are added to your main site's home page to indicate the location of the alternative language version pages. Avoid a universal translation widget. Make pages in the local language(s).

And there are a LOT more SEO tweaks to know!

SEO Services

We provide search engines with "relevancy" in terms of current search for a given region.

Our aim is always to provide multiple top 10 results per keyword phrase.

We believe that A COMBINATION of ranking for non-sponsored (organic) results to boost "brand-recognition" and ranking for time related and location related services is the way to insure growth for our clients.

Working on both the "image of the firm" and the "products being sold" implies an initial SEO audit with competitor analysis. This initial work is billed at 145 dollars per hour, as is all our work. A global audit takes normally 3 hours.

SEO Training

About Our Online Workshops:

Learn how to find high-quality backlinks, see how to combine JavaScript files, see how to miniaturize CSS, image size compression, and much more. SEO training presented by Ardan Michael Blum, our CEO. [Scroll page for Bio].

Our classes use the same teaching techniques which we have been offering with success since many years. (Includes slide presentation and PDF documents).

Checklist / Sampling What We Teach:

Extra: Seek high quality content which validates and confirms what you are saying!

Aim to validate and confirm your statements and the information you present. Taking the time to find great external links will boost a search engine's trust in your site. Listen to my podcast:


SEO Myths

Link Building Is The Most Important Factor In Ranking!

The quantity of links is NOT critical. See "Google Says Links Are Not The Most Important SEO Ranking" and this essential article: "Google’s John Mueller: Total Number of Backlinks Doesn’t Matter". In seeking backlinks (the term for inbound links to your site) what matters is the relevance to your subject matter combined with the authority / trust given by a search engine to the site connecting to yours. Another aspect to link value is the placement of the link. A bottom of page (in the footer) link has little SEO power compared to a link within the body of say a press article. In addition the choice of words or "anchor text" used to make that link matter. Note: There are various forms of the "rel tag" which may alter the power of a link. [You will find here a good article about rel tags].

Google states "(...) Note: The nofollow attribute was previously recommended for these types of links and is still an acceptable way to flag them, though sponsored is preferred. (...) Links marked with these rel attributes will generally not be followed (...)" Source.

An example would be a blog about how there are reserves of unsalted fresh water under certain parts of the world’s oceans (an amazing fact). Getting geology sites, or the websites of the geology department at a university to link to your blog would be ideal. The linking process can be both ways, and this many SEO companies do not work on! Using the example above, if your blog post states: “(…) This water reserve emerged from about 20,000 years ago, toward the end of the last glacial age, (…)” then you will seek one or several authorities (by using Google Scholar search or alternative resources) which add to what you are saying and/or validate what you say.


So, you may be paying for a monthly outsourced SEO maintenance contract that includes creating backlinks from Wikipedia, even though Google has said that “Wikipedia Does Nothing For Your Site & Has No SEO Value“. Or, they may convince you to pay for links placed within the footer of certain well ranked sites. This, when discovered by Google, can cause penalties to your ranking and does not work well, even if undetected by Google. (Note: For good link building, what counts is to be linked to from WITHIN the body of an article and not random topic links at the base of a website’s home page). Some companies that outsource SEO want you to think that what they are working on is complex and close to impossible for you to realize alone.

Should their work not provide results you may hear them say, “We are doing such advanced on-page tweaks that your direct competition [for a given keyword phrase] has replicated our work. They will continue with: “So we need to do extend the contract time and do more updating”.

The “Friends For Life” Con:

Then, when you least expect it, you end up becoming “best friends” with the SEO company boss. Coffee meetings to fix meeting dates. Lunches (billed by the agency) for no reason and have good poker games, and who knows, maybe a ride to visit a national park for a day’s hike with the whole SEO team. (This may sound funny. It is a sad and highly manipulative technique used often).

Be warned: If you outsource your SEO to good marketing firms, you may end up hooked for years with monthly maintenance that is not needed.

Taking Back Control:

To ensure that you are spending your money well, ask for screenshots of your ranking as seen on Google (avoid the big fancy PDF documents of analytics and traffic reports). You are paying for ranking on Google, so get the agency to show you ranking on Google! Also, ask for a detailed list of which new backlinks were obtained. Both should be shared with you at a regular interval.

The other means to take back control is to learn how to do the on-page and off-page tweaks and stop outsourcing your SEO!


Ardan Michael Blum’s Biography


Born in 1970 in Switzerland, I attended the International School Of Geneva. In 1992 I received my B.A in Literature from Bennington College, Vermont.

After college, when I was in my mid-twenties, I was to live a tragedy which was to shape my future. Following the death of a woman I had hoped to wed (who was a social assistant caring for the elderly) I rebuilt my life and founded a charity – as a memorial – Vivre Avec le 3ème Âge or “Living with the 3rd Age”. From 1999 to 2014, our NGO was to implement cultural actions devoted to the well-being of all senior citizens living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. For example, together with the Swiss national symphony orchestra, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, we organized a special winter concert. We held this free event at Geneva’s premier concert venue, the Victoria Hall and attended by over 800 senior citizens! (View a 360 image inside the hall). The succeeding year, we organized another free event for senior citizens in Geneva. This time, thanks to the extreme generosity of the restaurant, a 3 course dinner in the lovely and exclusive Brasserie Lipp of Geneva (see inside the restaurant) for 80 seniors.

Of all our actions, the most important was our collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Europe, Microsoft, Logitech, and IBM Switzerland to furnish without cost reformatted and/or brand new computers along with software, and many webcams, microphones, headphones and other materials were distributed to senior citizen centers and nursing homes. Helping seniors to become conversant with the use of email, accessing the web, and working computer programs were among my highest priorities. Then we established a project allowing seniors to share their life stories! Visit: Les Séfarades à Genève, La Vie Quotidienne, and the other tales (a legacy version of our site) found atève.

The Road To Running A Search Engine Optimization Company:

In Geneva, while seeking ways to promote my senior projects with new sponsors, I realized the importance of getting our website ranked for charity-related terms (on in French). I learned SEO basics. In a few months the needed visibility and the prestige of showing up in organic (non-sponsored) placement was achieved. As a result, I had far more questions related to “How did your organization rank so well on Google?” than what type of support do you need!

Then the bug got me: Wired-in for endless hours a day to something that became my career. Yes, without knowing it, this was to be the moment of transition between doing something which was a healing, and altruistic project to a full-time profession.

17 years have turned me into an expert in SEO with major clients and success stories I will be happy to share.

Palo Alto: Community Actions We Support

Ardan Michael Blum, our Palo Alto SEO Company's CEO, is a Block Preparedness Coordinator. Ardan Michael has graduated from the Basic Citizens Police Academy and attends currently the Advanced Citizens Police Academy events. He is a member of the Palo Alto police chief’s advisory committee. Recently he invited the founder of Facebook to attend one of the meetings.

Ardan Michael updates news and information about Palo Alto Tourism on Twitter.

Our Palo Alto Search Engine Optimization company's Twitter account is found @palo_alto_seo with daily updates.

Special Bay Area Offer

Our Palo Alto SEO firm wishes to aid senior citizens working on solo web projects within the Bay Area. We have limited this offer to 3 senior citizen projects per year. Each individual will get a 50% reduction on our standard $145 hourly fee. (Subject to detailed terms and contract).


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