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A. Blum Localization Services
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About Our Palo Alto SEO Company:

We are A. Blum Localization Services founded in 2016. Our Palo Alto SEO Company is located a few blocks East of Stanford, in the epicenter of Silicon Valley. We provide online Search Engine Optimization training worldwide and SEO services for clients.

Our aim is to provide visibility with MULTIPLE top ten results. Often we combine SEO services and training to allow a client to get results fast and the training for the long term self-management of their SEO. Read more about A. Blum Localization Services.

Explaining Search Engine Optimization

60% of your ranking success will come from your becoming an authority on the topic or theme you wish to rank well for. The key is content expansion, and this does not require SEO expert services. The secret is to keep re-working your content for authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

The golden rule here is to keep to exactly what it is you do and not add repeated (spam-like) sentences with variations on your keyword phrase. Just say one time in the title and at most two times in the meta description your keyword or keyword phrase. (Aim to make it the first thing in the title and the first words in the description meta tag). Read more about SEO.

SEO Services

We provide search engines with "relevancy" in terms of current search for a given region.

Our aim is always to provide multiple top 10 results per keyword phrase.

We work on making all aspects of our client's online content stand out as being original, expanding, authority stuff! This means working closely with the copywriter(s) and the designer(s) to tweak both navigation and on-page SEO fully. We believe that A COMBINATION of ranking for non-sponsored (organic) results to boost "brand-recognition" and ranking for time related and location related services is the way to insure growth for our clients.

SEO Training

Learn how to find high-quality backlinks, see how to combine JavaScript files, see how to miniaturize CSS, image size compression, and much more. SEO training presented by Ardan Michael Blum, our CEO. Read more about our SEO workshops.


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