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About Our Palo Alto SEO Company

A. Blum Localization Services is a Palo Alto SEO company founded in 2016. Our agency combines Search Engine Optimization services with client training workshops.

Our business model provides SEO services and teaching Search Engine Optimization to allow our clients to gain full autonomy. It is our view that outsourcing SEO is necessary initially but not required, generally, for more than a few months. (Part of our training events include live sharing of our SEO tweaks on the client’s site).

Our CEO and Founder Ardan Michael Blum has extensive teaching experience and presents both online classes and in-house events.

We will provide our client with a customized office-wide checklist and suggestions for future posting and needed work in a timeline.

We follow up with our client for one hour online each week for the first year so that a smooth transition to self-management.

Covid-19 and our Palo Alto SEO company: A. Blum Localization Services has its office just East of Stanford University. Our Palo Alto Search Engine Optimization company is within the epicenter of Silicon Valley (with startups everywhere and 5 blocks away from the historical HP Garage). Because of Covid restrictions we are holding meetings online and / or out of doors at Cafe Venetia.

The Secret of Success

Working your content to the status of AUTHORITY is the secret to good ranking. Along with this, there are techniques and related tweaks which have to be adapted per each project. 40% of ranking power is broken up into on-page and off-page SEO.

60% of ranking power comes from ORIGINAL, EXPANDING content making your presence online an authority resource. This implies that each new page, blog, social media account, or related project (aimed at being an additional page in the top ten on Google for the target keywords) has to be kept alive with weekly updates for many years to come! To help staff learn to self-manage SEO we provide our clients with an office-wide SEO work timeline of objectives and a “checklist” to confirm that weekly tasks have been done.

Said differently: We are providing the fishing rod to fish and the fish to eat at once. Read more: What defines a good SEO company?


To get multiple top ten results will involve quite a bit of work and devotion with the end result often giving possibly up to 5 top ten results for a middle-range difficulty keyword phrase that combines location and topic/theme.

To achieve this you may want to make daily Twitter updates, blog posts weekly, add new PDF docs, Pinterest, and Youtube videos. You may want to make a dedicated small website for an event that re-occurs. It is particularly important to use the Google My Business posting options.


Think about hosting: In some cases gaining access by FTP to modify the .htaccess content can be essential and not all hosting providers host sites on a Unix server or give users access to this file by FTP.

Also: You will want to add to your core site PDF files this is another reason to have access to FTP (so that you can custom name the PDF files).


Use the meta keyword tag but do so with no more than 3 keywords / keyword phrases. A decade ago people were making half a page of meta tags with typos included. This was clearly spam and led to a public statement by the then head of Webspam at Google that his company was “no longer reading the keyword meta tag”.

Naturally, as you can well imagine things have changed since this video.

Read More

Using, per page, the keyword meta tag as described above (in a highly limited way) will also help your ranking on less used search engines. What is sure is that the meta keyword tag are seen by Google and may add trust in your content as your use of a limited number of keywords (in the meta keyword tag) are equal to a sign with a limited and defined visitor’s guide as to the expected and focused upon subject matter.In the case of our Palo Alto SEO company site, an example of the use of the keyword meta tag would be:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Palo Alto SEO Company”

The above example is for a homepage to a Palo Alto SEO company site. Sure, we could add “search engine optimization company palo alto”, and other variants but the term we are working to rank for THIS PAGE is defined and the creation of another page or another form of content (an Amazon Kindle self-publication, a Google Play book, a PDF, a blog, and so on) for other terms. It should be noted that many SEO agency sites use an automated process by which they try to rank for multiple towns with similar pages that have replaced the name, say Menlo Park SEO with Mountain View SEO. This sort of grey-hat (or vaguely ethical approach) is effective in areas which have medium to low competition. If you want to hold your ranking for a concept / theme / topic and a town / city name then you had best make dedicated pages and dedicated sites per city. Also, you will find that some rewards when Google trusts content. One example is to appear on Google results in the first place for a given keyword phrase with a live rendering of your Twitter feed!


For your meta description: Think about what you are saying from the vantage point of both “getting people to click on your link” and presenting your brand / project. DO NOT focus your meta description on trying to cram keywords into a sentence.

Tip: Write down your page title and meta description together. Think of how both balance each other, how both connect. If your page is about something then start with a question in your description meta content. For example: “What is _______ ? [add your main product or concept].


For an infographic – which you are sharing with an online newspaper, site or external blog – I would include within the embed markup code a link going from your focus anchor text to your site.

For a PDF file you may want to make a header section to to allow for a navigation menu taking PDF viewers to the home page page of your website.

For videos (such as Youtube hosted content) work on a good paragraph of text for the description that appears under the video and in the middle of it add your URL.

Seek high quality content to use as outbound links. This is a way to validate and confirm your statements and the information you present. Taking the time to find great external links will boost a search engine’s trust in your site. Tip: Use to seek out good resources. Study suggestions: Understand Multitask Unified Model ranking concepts.


Check your CSS and HTML with a good validation tools.

Lighthouse” is a first rate open-source analysis tool which provides multiple insights.

Do not assume that using AMP is going to help your ranking! AMP is NOT a “Google Ranking Factor” it is a made for mobile speed enhancer. In other words if you have a low level of scripts to load and your images are sized correctly you may not need AMP pages.

Here is a free and helpful extension from Google which will provide a jump to a section (in highlighted yellow) for a text selection.

This is a great simple code to use in the root of the Theme folder on a WordPress site. Simply replace the content of the 404.php file with this code.

What it does: It avoids the standard “not found” page and makes all requests for a missing page automatically send the user to the site’s home page.

Try Google’s free tool to identify new potential markets, discover helpful operational information and start selling to customers at home and around the world.

Optimize image size with the ‘next-gen’ WebP format and/or other means. Related:

Learn “rel commands” [a good intro to this topic is found here] such as prefetching certain scripts or content before the page loads, which can be used, for example, to share the location an alternate language version of page content, the location of an xml feed and other info sharing with robots and browsers.

Set up a sitemap and share the location of this file in your robots.txt file. See how to do this.

Set up tracking tools such as using the Google Search Console to analyze your search performance and user behavior.

A self-made emulation system to view local data center results: If your focus is for English results related to Dubai shopping then you may want to push all the tweaks you can master to get well ranked on as well as other regional data centers such as and be attentive for expats using VPNs. You may have to go a little “James Bond” in your SEO contract with your client and insist that a SIM card on roaming be provided you so as to replicate / emulate local results on

Turn off location tracking and go to developer settings on that phone “Allow Mock Locations” and do nothing presented here without talking talking with an IT security expert. Such a professional will suggest maybe to add to your SIM-card roaming-no-cookies-no-location-activated phone via the developer permission for allowing fake locations a good app that fakes GPS data and add to this mix a good firewall to block system apps from sending data.

WARNING: This sort of tweaking to get authentic SEO results can draw a lot of attention from governmental agencies. Also understand that such steps are not assured to be actually effective. A far simpler way is having someone in the given location doing a search and live streaming it back to you and your client. Note: Most likely, no other Palo Alto SEO company will be telling you the Geek things we love to share and so, at our SEO training events you will get added extra theoretical ideas and case study concepts! It is the little extra that will help you know how to truly customize your plan of action once you start to self-manage your online reputation, self manage your Localization needs and global top ten ranking.

Further reading:

Google Webmaster Guidelines | Google SEO Starter Guide | Hacking the Semantic Way


Did you know that increasing the average visitor’s time on your site can improve your ranking?! Not clear how or why? Ask Ardan Michael.

Get a 15 minute online (free of charge) demo! Make the shift to getting rapid ranking results with our Palo Alto Search Engine Optimization firm’s services and learn to self-manage your SEO.

Once classes end we give each client a customized office-wide SEO checklist and suggestions for updates in a proposed SEO update timeline. We remain available for questions and provide a one hour live chat monthly with members of our workshops.

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